Video timeline search

We have timeline search.


FINALLY and thank you.

In events, click the blue box at the top, next to filter option.

I moved your topic to the beta category as the feature is an unannounced beta test. It’s also being discussed in depth in the beta version announcement topic:

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I wouldn’t call it a search. It is just a different view of the Smart Detection Events. One in a condensed slideshow format and the other on a scrollable timeline. I like it, but it is just a different UI for seeing the same thing we already saw in the scrollable events list. It does add the ability on the timeline to jump from event to event, however it only shows one cam at a time. There is no multicam view. When opening, it always defaults to the same single cam in the slideshow view. Using this to review events from my 27 cams would be arduous at best.

Unfortunately, it only shows the Smart Detection Events. This leads me to believe this is going to be limited to Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite users.

UPDATE - I have also discovered that there is no way to jump to the Actual Event Video in the Event List or the Event Player, no way to jump to SD Video Playback of that event, and no way to download or share the video. If I see something of interest, I have to go back to the Event List and scroll until I find the Event I was wanting.


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