Wyze Video Search Beta

Hi everyone, I have a message from @WyzeMengtingHu about a new feature we are testing.

Introducing Wyze Video Search Beta: Find Moments that Matter:)

Hello Wyze Community!

My name is Mengting Hu (@WyzeMengtingHu) and I am the PM for Video Search at Wyze. In the past months, we have been secretly working on a series of AI projects and now we are so excited to finally introduce Video Search to you!

What is Video Search?

This feature, as its name suggests, allows you to search for key moments from event videos taken across all your Wyze cameras. Simply type in what you’re looking for—like “dog popping on lawn” or "gardener with toolbox” — and we will find it for you.

Why Should You Try It?

Save Time: Jump straight to the moments you care about without scrubbing through hours of video.

Stay Informed: Keep tabs on the safety of your home and loved ones by pinpointing relevant footage.

Experience Innovation: Be among the first to experience the newest technologies on AI!

Getting Started:

If you are a chosen tester, you will have access to video search from both Wyze beta app and our Web portal.

Access: In the Wyze beta app, find the :mag:icon on the upper right side under the Event tab; In Wyze web portal, find the search bar on center top of the Event tab.

Search Away: Start by entering keywords of the events you want to discover, or jumpstart your search with recommended search terms.

View results: Currently the results are shown based on relevancy.

Search by Image: This is an app-only bonus feature – it allows you to find similar things from your existing events. This feature is still in its early stage, meaning that there still is a lot of room for improvement in its performance and experience, but we decided to include it in this beta release to get your opinions on it. You can find it while you are watching a event clip – there is a image + magnifying glass icon on the top right corner. Click it and it will freeze the video for you to search for objects from that specifc frame.

We Need Your Voice!

Your feedback drives our innovation. After testing, please share:

Questions: Have any questions on how to use the feature? Ask away!

Use Cases: Tell us how you’re using Video Search and what we can do to make it even better.

Bugs: Encounter a glitch? Let us know so we can squash it fast.

General Discussions: Have thoughts or suggestions? We’re all ears.

Join the discussion below and be a part of shaping this exciting new technology. We can’t wait to see how you’ll use Wyze Video Search to find specific moments from your events easier than ever!

Thank You for Helping Us Make Wyze Even Wiser!


So is there a beta app out for this or do we have to register somewhere?

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I don’t see it on either Android nor iOS - using the app updates that were announced yesterday.

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Whoa. It actually works.

You have to go to my.wyze.com/events to use it AFAIK.


If you were invited to try it, it will be able to be tested at my.wyze.com/events from what I understand.

That’s where I just used it at but I was invited to test it out. If it doesn’t show up when you go there, you don’t have it yet.


I received the E-Mail invite a couple minutes ago and it is available and the one search I did “person walking dog” worked VERY well. Don’t have it on either phone however.

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I think it’s only at my.wyze.com/events


It is possibly the #1 feature of the year. That’s me in the email taking out my trash cans.


Does not seem to be on the app yet… Or a new beta about to come out.


It’s not coming out on the beta app until tomorrow, only available on web for now.


I think it only works on Wyze.com video.

Suggestion: Bring back the suggested AI Search queries after you’ve cleared your search history and/or also include it next to your recent searches?

I clicked on one of the searches and then wanted to see what else is possible to search for. Creativities juices aren’t flowing right now.

Also, it identified my cat as a dog. :cry:


Thanks. Will check

Didn’t find cat, dog, pet, person
One of my cameras is pointed at a driveway where there are always cars. The others have cats and dogs appearing every day multiple times a day.

Can you clarify “Beta app”? Is there a different app to download from the App Store?

I see it on the web, but searching does return any results. Like @mcdonmic reported, I have a camera pointed at the driveway and it didn’t find any cars. I have dozens of events with people, but it returns no results for “person”. I can’t find any term that returns a result.

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Worked pretty well for the few i tried. Like searching for my boat or robot mower


Thank you for the feedback!! Could you create a log and share me your log number?


Could you please create a log and share me your log number? We will look into this!