Camera display screen

I’ve been using the beta. One thought I had, I have 5 cameras. Scrolling down the list of static images is consuming if you want to see the bottom. How about an option to change view. First view is large thumbnails as displayed now, second is smaller thumbnails so maybe 6 thumbnails/cameras show on the home screen, and third is just camera names with no thumbnails.

I second this.

I like this idea! I will make sure the Dev team sees this, thanks for the feedback!

Also on the subject of camera name… The camera name should be added to the top of the main Camera Settings page as well as the Alert and Advanced Settings pages in the app. The way it is, if you have a bunch cameras set up in the app and go into the settings but forget which camera you tapped, you must go all the way back out to the live view to see which camera you are working on.

Added to the list! I’ll make sure they see this, thanks!