App suggestion

For those of us with multiple cams in particular, it’d be really great if dragging down from the devices view screen would go around to all the added cameras and refresh the pic on each one, instead of having to open and connect to each one.


I agree! And also the option to have smaller thumbnails so more fit on one screen and the ability to rearrange the thumbnails.

Yes! Please!

There aught to be both of these features. Quick refreshing of all cameras and a separate mode where say 4 cameras are visible with live feeds from all 4. A simple swipe feature and an additional “page” of 4 cameras with live feeds from each appears etc.

This is clearly possible as many competitors already have both features.

See the picture where I have one camera added and spaces for 3 more.

Still waiting.

Also it would be nice if there was a way to select next or previous cam with a swipe or a button tap. Instead of going back to camera list.