New user with some product suggestions

I just picked up two v2 and two pan cams to test before replacing about 30 foscam camera in four locations and I have some suggestions that would help seal the deal for me. Overall these things are amazing!


1 - notifications for sound/motion - add a way in the app to tell if I have already played it or not


2 - ability to enable push notifications by user. I shared the cameras with my wife (separate accounts) and she hates getting the alerts and I like them, but if I want to keep the cameras I can’t send her push notifications.


3 - full screen inconsistency - the playback screen has a different location and icon for viewing in full screen than the notification page does. It makes it a little confusing sometimes.


4 - multi camera live view - ability to see a live view for multiple cameras on the same screen even if it is SD or lower, if that is not feasible a way to update the thumbnails on launch automatically would be nice.


5 - widgets/shortcuts - ability to quickly pull up a specific camera from the home screen. For example with other ip camera viewer apps I can create a shortcut for the camera in the babies room and another for the front door and open these quickly when I know exactly what I want to look at instead of having to load the full list.

Seems to me if your wife logs out of her app she would not get alerts , if she wants to check the cams log back into the app

That is true but who would want to login everytime? Also what she is used to right now has shortcuts directly to the camera she wants on her home screen. I’m already introducing more steps.


Only “solution” right now is the IP cam app

a way to update the thumbnails on launch automatically would be nice.

For bonus points, the updated thumbnails would contain the last unviewed detected motion, if any. Else, the latest image from the cam.

I’ve passed these request on to the keeper of the feature request database.