Camera Name Visual Improvement

On the new UI for the cameras such as the V3 Pro, nearly the entire name of the camera is cut off. For example, I have a camera name “Eagle’s Nest #3” and this is what it shows in the app. There is a ton of space for the name to properly show, but it doesn’t.

iOS 16.6
iPhone 12 Pro Max
WyzeBeta App: 2.42.0 (23)


Same on Android. Just one of the reasons I don’t like the new UI.


What are the other reasons?

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The entire arrangement of the timeline on uSD card playback.
Playback defaults to some time usually MUCH earlier in the day (around 0500 or midnight being the most common). Old UI defaults to essentially current time.
No Back 30s, forward 30s, or pause on uSD card playback.
There is some common function that got moved from the main screen to buried a couple menus deep (can’t remember what it is at this time).
I’m sure there are others, but can’t recall at this time.


[mod edit] We need the cameras/app/fir to work first ,than ti worry about name … come on now

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This is good, specific, actionable feedback that we can hopefully get passed on to the app devs team.

I think most of those things can be adjusted for the new UI. I do know they are aware of some of the timeline stuff. 8 believe someone said it’s being worked on.

I do like how the new timeline marks AI symbols on it though. That concept is really good IMO.


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