5/20 Update on Beta Camera Firmware

Hi all,

It is about 2 weeks since the original post. I would like to give an update on camera firmware status. Our original plan was to release another beta by the end of the month to address the CMC reboot issue, other stability issues and sensor issues. The plan got a little delayed but pushing out 1-2 weeks.

In the past weeks, we fixed the CMC reboot issues and verified with a few customers already. Other stability issues were fixed as well. Last week we had an Alpha firmware release to verify with a small set of customers. Based on the feedback, we fixed about 60% of the customer’s sensor issues. We are actively working on the rest of sensor issues now. We expect to do another round of Alpha f/w test next week. If everything goes well, we will move it up to Beta the first or second week of June.

We still have the image quality issue on our list but it will not be in the next batch of f/w update. We set higher priorities for crashes and broken functionality, then is image quality. On app side, we had a bug that we may mistakenly set to 360p mode when entering from camera group view. The fix will be included in next Beta app release.

Note: We took down the current and f/w from Beta for now until a better version is ready. Please don’t be surprised. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Thank you for the update!!

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I have six cameras. Motion detection is turned off during the day for 3 cameras using a Rule, and those three cameras appear to be resetting themselves to 360p. Three other cameras whose motion detection is always on retain their SD setting. Which causes me to wonder if a camera is programmed by a Rule to be turned on and off at certain times somehow causes camera resolution to set itself to 360p.

To be honest, I don’t know a way to automatically set camera to 360p :slight_smile: If it happens, it is an unexpected bug. Can you set them back to SD or HD to do another test? If you see 360p in individual view, please send us a log and reply me with your ticket #. We can investigate how it happened.

BTW, when cameras are in group view, they are set to 360p automatically. You can’t change them. The reason is that 4 lines of 1080p streaming takes a lot of network traffic and CPU to decode/render the frames. They may run out of hardware limit. So, with that said, if you see 360p resolution in group view, that is expected. V1 cameras will still be in SD/HD view since they don’t support 360p.


I’m on alpha firmware for most of my v2 cameras, and I find that on a few cameras I’ve had to go in and fix a few settings and it’s kind of random which camera and which settings. For example, on 2 different cameras at different times I’ve had to go in and turn the IR leds off again. And I’ve had to fix some notification settings on random cameras. I’m also having the reset to 360P issue.