Simultaneous Streaming (Multi-camera viewing)

I have this same issue. I have a dozen cameras. I can view up to 3 with no issue but once I view 4 or more at one time, the feeds start dropping and reconnecting. Everyone else has issue connecting on the network also then. TinyCam points their fingure at Wyze and Wyze points their fingure at TinyCam.

I have a dozen cams and have the same issue with connections constantly dropping and reconnecting (or attempting to). For some reason, the Wyze app attempts to connect a fixed number of times (I believe three) and then that camera just freezes up. If I thought the issue was strictly about signal strength to cameras more than say fifty feet from my wifi router, I would invest in a repeater or two. But without Wyze documenting what the various error codes that accompany the disconnections mean, I am hesitant to invest in a solution that might not be a solution.

If there is a theoretical (or practical) limit to the number of cameras that can be connected to a wifi router, and if the Wyze video surveillance solution is really only useful with three or four cameras, then I would begin researching a wired solution—at least for cameras where I could run an ethernet cable back to a physical jack. I really want to have these dozen cameras (perhaps a few more in the future).

We need to be able to add one camera to multiple groups in order to make this an amazing feature!!

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Has the quality dropped for simultaneous streaming ? i have 3 camera in a group … anyone else facing the quality drop when camera are grouped ?

Yes, I have eight cameras in a group and even though HD mode is indicated on-screen, the quality is not even close to HD. I don’t even think they are SD. I think I read somewhere that image quality will be reduced if network congestion is encountered, but this low-res image is displayed even at three a.m. Also, the problem with cameras taking an inordinate amount of time to connect/authenticate/receive image, and often they just hang or even indicate they are “disconnected”. This is why I am exploring upgrading to a wired power-over-ethernet type of system. I have a feeling web cams using wifi are pretty much intended for a baby cam or two and that’s about the limit.



Group view is 360p for V2 and Pan:

Simultaneous play back would be great as well.

When viewing multiple cameras in a group the image quality is dropped to 360p. I would like the page that states this but I cannot find it at this time.

I have been working on getting multiple cameras up and running on my network for quit some time now. I have ran into as many problem as one can with this venture. I am trying to get 8 v2 cameras and 4 Pan Cameras to view on TinyCam Pro. Only this week I have finally had some success. Once BIG thing I found is that a home wifi router didn’t cut it. I ended up getting a Netgear WAC510 business class Access Point ($80 on Amazon). It can support up to 100 clients on each band. I have a dedicated SSID for my Wyze cameras and a dedicated DHCP pool also segregating the network traffic off from my main network and guest network. My router is a matching Netgear BR500 and works very well with the WAC510 AP.

Here is what I have found so far. I can get all the v2 cameras to work fine with little network slowdown. However, I cannot get more than 1 Pan camera working on the network with the 8 v2 cameras. 1 pan camera slows the network down from 17mbps/14mpsb (Down/Up) to 13mbps/10mbps. I turn a second Pan camera on and it crawls to 3mbps/1mbps. I am still working with support to find a resolution to this. (running for my numbers)

I am hoping support can help me find out why the Pan cameras are killing my network.

Exactly! We previously had Nest Cams and could watch 75% of our yard.
This helped us watch the dog, kids, and pool area as well as vehicles entering the driveway.
Seeing all of our cameras in the App and realizing they are not live is quite a disappointment.
These use cases could also be filled with a web view or streaming ability.
Thank you

I know ring does not have live feed for multiple cameras at once, they say ~30s refresh. Is that the case with nest cams too?

My Nest had multi-camera live feed. Driveway, Front Door. Pool.

Any updates on this? I do not want to use a third party do to security concerns. Is this still in the works?

@wbentz22 Hello! This feature is launched many releases ago. You can view multiple livestream videos from a camera group. You can add a device group by tapping the PLUS sign on the top left corner on the Home page in Wyze app. Let me know if you have more questions! :slight_smile:

You can use the app to view up to 4 cameras in a group at most. I have given up on using TinyCam Pro to view more. It just crashes the network trying to view 5 + cameras. I went back to my old 16 camera system and took down all my Wyze camera at the office.

Is this available for iPhones?

when creating groups are there a way to keep them in the all camera list …
it moves them only to the group making it an extra click to see just one camera
when not wanting to view as a group .

would like a way to have in group as well as in the all devices list .

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The Group option is great for viewing multiple cameras at one on mobile devices, but I was hoping to connect a monitor to the computer and run some type of software to show multiple cameras on a larger screened monitor. Is there some free software out there that’s recommended, even if not by Wyze but this forum community, or does Wyze offer a solution? As always, thanks. Overall pretty pleased with Wyze products and keep coming back for more.

Try tinycam

1 Like is up for sale. Can u provide a link? Thx