V2.12.30 Droid with V2 4.96.156

Have 18 V2 and because I had to go to new firmware to allow CMC Plus. The cameras after a power cycle all goto 360p and even changing in the app always revert back after leaving app or a cycle the cameras I don’t have physical access to are on older FW have not displayed this issue. Not sure if the app is defaulting to 360p but still HD. This is very frustrating because if I can’t use CMC Plus then I need to get a refund for cameras I need to roll back.

I have noticed this too, send it logs. Thats the best way to let them know its happening.

Many logs and screen shots with both errors and logs from cameras. I typically give it a week before I start harassing staff. It’s good to know it’s not just myself. This is a better place than reddit to gripe about beta stuff.