New Firmware

New Firmware is NOT working.
All motion sensors went to offline after updating.
Revert back to previous firmware which is working excellently.


Glad the revert got it working again. I am sure the devs would like a log sent so that the issue can be looked into.

Looks like that is a beta firmware. Please search and use the beta forum section for all things currently in beta. Thanks!

Used that firmware on my pan cam, after which the camera immediately started to show the “cold shoulder” issues. I hope a fix is coming because I would hate to climb up and remove the camera from the ceiling to flash the firmware back to the old version… ehh…

I am sorry to hear. Mine work much better with .104. Had an initial issue with one bridge, removed power and started it back up. Now I have been running full steam with all rules and other integrations working without issue. Sensors both motion and contact have been doing their job.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m not taking the chance. I have 4 cams to update, and I don’t want to get involved with pulling them all down to revert. i can wait.

If you are in Beta, the app allows you to revert from the app. Go to Cam Screen/Settings//Device Info/Firmware Version. You should have a prompt at the bottom of the screen “Have A Problem”. This will let you revert back your option of three levels.

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whoa!! this is a game changer. thank you.!

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funny, I called Wyze rep - and he told me that the only way to revert back to the old firmware was to manually do it via microSD card. So glad you posted that. I reverted back the firmware and the “cold shoulder” issue is gooooooneeee!! Yeeehhaaw!

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If you run the production app, that is the only way. Did the rep know you run the beta app?

I did not tell him, but he also didn’t ask.