V2 camera changed MAC for a while

I had an unusual one last night. I have 20 V2 and eight V3 cameras, and two Wyze Outdoor plugs. All of those have a DHCP reservation in my router which means that each device will always get the same IP address based on it’s MAC. They live on my 2GHz IoT SSID and a separate LAN from everything else. As part of monitoring them, my router sends a ping to each camera every hour and reports to me any cameras that fail to respond. Starting last evening, my camera 11 reported every hour that it was not responding, but every time I checked, the camera was working fine through the Wyze app on my phone. This morning, my E-Mail showed camera 11 failing to respond to pings every hour all night, and yet I could watch it just fine from the Wyze app. Had time to investigate a little and found that it had an incorrect IP address according to the Wyze app. The address was in the “normal” DHCP pool for that LAN and not the address it should have had for it’s MAC. Next was to look at my Mikrotik router which functions as the DHCP server, and it was showing the DHCP reservation address for that camera as idle, but the address that the camera was reporting as assigned dynamically. It also reported a completely different MAC. Then looked at my Meraki WiFi management and it also showed that the device known as camera 11 stopped being connected at about 1930 Sunday evening and that the MAC reported by the Mikrotik had connected at the same time. The camera has been rebooted at about 1930 (through the App) at about 1930 Sunday evening in an effort to force it to switch access points that it was using, so it looks like the camera came up with an oddball MAC when it rebooted. The camera was reporting it’s normal MAC via the App.
I went into the Wyze App and rebooted the camera this morning and it came back up with the correct MAC and therefore got it’s correct IP address.

Firmware version (RTSP)
Normal MAC: A4:DA:22:32:xx:xx
Oddball MAC: C8:02:8F:75:xx:xx

Anyone else seen anything like that?

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You haven’t heard how the Wyze cameras occasionally present a different MAC address? Some people try to have two leases in their DHCP server.

Here’s one random old thread but there are many.