View cam on my intranet locally and not go out over the internet

Would like to use/view camera just in my home network. I have no need of viewing remotely for privacy concerns. Just for in home family use to monitor entrances.

You can do this with the outdoor cam (not v3) but you do have to initially set it up via internet. But, after that, you can put it in travel mode and only connect to it when you’re in range of the camera. It won’t use your intranet, but you can connect to the camera’s wifi from your phone directly without using the internet.

Aside from that, I don’t think it’s possible to set any of the cameras up for intranet only.


Yup, and there are lots of reasons why that WCO is less desirable anyway. For local control Wyze is (currently) not your bag.

FYI the video does NOT travel the Internet if you’re viewing locally and have events turned off. But the cameras need to phone home.


The Wyze cameras are cloud based, meaning they need to communicate over the internet for various purposes. There are other cameras that may be more suited to your needs. I use several Amcrest cameras. They’re a little more expensive but no internet needed for them to work. Here is one that I have:

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Thank you all for your responses. Evidently a little more research was needed however knowing what you all explained I guess there is little “privacy” risk only watching a building entrance. Thanks again for the insights.

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You might actually be able to block the internet side from the router if you use rtsp. I almost tried this the other day but am testing rtsp on an old iPhone and didn’t want to interrupt it for that.

It should technically just block the internet and keep working locally and thus also block the Wyze app from functioning. But, if it works then you can just unblock it should you want to make changes.

My router, I can just go to the connected device and choose to block the internet side. But, all routers are different.

Thanks for the advice. I have enough trouble as it is getting my smart phone to work, let alone messing with my router… Only got the Wyze because of decent reviews and a promo. Otherwise I should have looked into a plain WiFi camera that doesn’t require a sign in just to watch your back door… I could always point it in my backyard and watch the deer and turkeys… :slight_smile: Thanks again.

Oh? That might be an issue with the Wyze app (or maybe the camera firmware) if you’re having trouble getting it to work. It shouldn’t be difficult to do.

I noticed so far that rtsp with VLC is running much smoother than the Wyze app or at least on the iPhone I’m testing rtsp on. Literally not a single blip so far.

Through the Wyze app though it tends to blip often and sometimes even stop connecting for no reason (or more correctly that there should be no reason if it were coded well) lol.

Either way, at least the cameras don’t cost much :slight_smile:

Interesting, first time I’ve heard that the RTSP stream was better. Usually hear it’s the other way around.

(My only time with RTSP was installing Dafang on a nearly dead V2 as nothing else would install. Performance was terrible.)