Can I use the Wyze cameras on an intranet environment?

Can I use the Wyze cameras on an intranet environment (with a private router/NAT, but no internet), will I be able to access the live feed from the app? Not interested in the cloud storage. I am hoping to use 4 of these cameras for my RV outside surveillance system and for surroundings while driving/reverse parking…

My understanding is that you do this by flashing the firmware, in other words replacing it with what they call Dafang firmware.

I have not personally tried it, but it was a popular thing for people to do to get local network access from Wyze cams before Wyze developed their own RTSP firmware (and subsequently abandoned it too). Now most people use Wyze’s RTSP firmware that allows both internet and intranet access, but if you want local only, search reddit or run Google searches about Dafang firmware and make sure it meets your needs. That’s what you’re asking about.

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