Wyze Cam v3 Capability

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Is it possible to simply connect the v3 cam (or 3) to my home WIFI and check them while away? I already have security services in my home, but I just want to do some monitoring when away.


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Yes, the Wyze cameras work independently from the Wyze Home Monitoring System.

You can set the V3 cameras up and view them from the Wyze app Live.

There are additional service features you can add to the cameras as well and/or installing an SD card for continuous recording.


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As @R.Good has said, yes, this is possible.

You can view the live feed from your cams from anywhere you have the app installed and internet access. You will also be able to get motion push notifications. You will need the app and a Wyze account though and an SD card if you want saved history footage in the cam. There are also 3rd party apps like Alexa that can also stream the cams.

If you want additional value added services, as mentioned above, you can opt for one of the subscription levels:


Dan - Once you have the Wyze app installed on your phone, and you have the camera installed at your home on your WiFi, you can monitor your camera while you are at home on your WiFi. But wait. Using the Wyze app your phone, you can also monitor your camera while you’re at Walmart, or at your sister’s house in Tulsa, or while you’re camping, or even when you’re in Shanghai China. Try it. You’ll like it.


Many thanks for confirming what I hoped would be the case. I appreciate the quality responses!