Events viewable away from home?

Is it possible to view event recordings on a mobile device while away from home?

You can always use the Wyze App to view Events in the Event Tab or Playback from the SD Card.

If you are curious if there is a method to stream via a browser, you can utilize the Beta Version of Live Streaming Live stream - Wyze.

Hopefully one of these is what you were looking for.

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An example of what I’m asking, if my cams are located in California and I’m in Louisiana, can I view the cam feeds and any events that have been recorded? Any time I try I get a no wifi network found error. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or haven’t set a setting somewhere?

I can view my cameras live feed, events in the events tab, and playback the SD card while traveling away from home and the cameras. But, you have to have a wifi or data connection to do so. The Wyze app requires data or wifi connection in oder to connect with the servers. So long as your wifi is still active where the cameras are located, they have access to the cloud, and so long as the device you’re attempting to view the cameras on has wifi or data, you should have no problems.

So, it should work with a cellular connection as well as a local wifi hotspot? In other words, I don’t need a wifi connection if I have a cell data connection? And if that’s the case then I should be able to disable wifi on my cell phone and view the cams and event playback right at home or anywhere in the world?

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The cams need access to wifi or data AND the device you’re using to view the cams also needs access to wifi or data.

If you’re using your phone Hotspot to provide internet to the cameras, and then take that phone with you, your cameras no longer have access to the internet and thus, won’t work.


When I try to log into the Wyze app, it says Login Error problem connecting to server. This is while I’m at home where the cams are but with wifi turned off on my phone so it’s using a cellular data connection, just as it would if I’m away from home. Why am I getting that error? If I turn wifi back on I can log into the app

I should probably note the app is called “WyzeBeta”, maybe that’s the problem?

That seems strange. I stay logged in on my Wyze app, I don’t have to log in every time I open it. I just open the app. Are you logging in and out every time you use the app, or is the app logging you out?

Are you seeing this on both iOS and Android?

One thing you could try is log out of the app and the back in. Also, Clear your Cache from within the app and restart your phone.

Note: On Android you can do one additional step, long press the app, go to Storage and Cache, then Clear the Cache there.

Clearing Cache will remove thumbnails, but they will come back when you do a live stream.

Make sure you have your credentials to log back into the app.

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Who is your cellular carrier and what is your phone type and any security or VPN software you have active? The problem you’re getting indicates that you’re just not getting a suitable data connection when your phone is on 3G/4G/LTE. Do other services (browsing, music, etc.) work when you’re off WiFi? Dumbest question: are you sure you don’t have mobile data turned off?

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That was it, apparently, sometime in the past, I had turned off cell data for the Wyze app.

Thanks, folks!