WyzeCam Connectivity Question - Remote Wifi and/or Cellular Connections

Once the WyzeCam is setup and working on my 2.4gHz home wifi, can I see the Live View from a different, remote location’s wifi? Can I also connect to it using my phone’s cellular network too?

Thanks in advance.

Yes! Using the Wyze App you can view the stream anywhere you can get service!

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Do I need to do something specific to enable the cellular connection? My phone won’t show live view while on my cellular connection? I do have an LTE connection, but only 3 bars of service. Could this be my issue?

Just a caveat… you need to have sufficient upstream bandwidth from your home network. At least 1 Mbps upstream is recommended. If you have a slower internet connection at the camera’s location, or if you have poor data coverage at your phone’s location, you may need to switch to 360p viewing to get a reasonable live stream. See this:


@steve.s.buechler. There is a service issue going on right now. Please visit and follow this topic:

You may want to try power cycling the camera. This has fixed the issue in some, but not all, cases.