Metro PCS problems?

Love these cams and have zero issues with reception…so I thought. Apparently, my Metro PCS 4GTE system isn’t streaming Wyze videos any longer. If I have friends and co-workers use their phones as HotSpots, the app works just fine via wifi.

Additionally, when at work at a State University, I can’t view any of my cams while using their wifi.

Any suggestions? TIA!

Mark “Wastegate”

I’m a little confused by your reference to hotspots. Are you trying to connect the camera to your phone’s mobile hotspot, or are you trying to connect to a camera remotely over LTE?

Here’s a support article that may help:


I’m using wifi to connect the cameras to the internet as we all are.

However, when I can view them from my phone via Metro PCS cellular, I have friends and co-workers turn on their phones’ hotspot function so I can run my cellular phone througj wifi. Like magic, I can see all my cams just fine.

This isn’t always the case though as I can view the cams through cellular in certain areas, just not all.


If I’m understanding correctly, you can view your cameras remotely with your phone connected to the internet using cellular data – some of the time, but not all of the time?And whether that works or not is dependent on the location of your phone?

That would be pretty bizarre. I can’t imagine anything on Wyze’s end that could be causing that. Seems like something to discuss with Metro PCS’s tech support.