Lately, having issues connecting over cellular/LTE, but Wifi works most the time

As of late it seems I cannot connect remotely to cameras while on cellular (LTE), however running off WiFi does connect most times.

Note that the Wifi mentioned is not on same LAN as cameras, this is while I’m away…

Locally on same LAN connects fine, remote WiFi (not local) connect and streams. But Cellular I’m lucky to connect and if I do it’s 1 frozen frame!

Used to connect just fine a month ago in all modes, something has changed!


Have you updated the camera firmware or the Wyze app within the last month? I’m not sure what the exact time frame was, but one of the firmware updates changed the remote servers the cameras use to make them all US-based. Maybe your cellular provider has restrictions in place that somehow didn’t affect the non-US servers but now do affect the US ones? Just spitballing here since a lot of connectivity issues seem to be related to cellular/internet providers.

I’m facing the exact same issue, and looking through the forum I am guessing that this is a common problem because many other people are facing the same issues…Wyze isn’t really responding either. I posted a technical request lets see when they get back to me regarding this…

Of course all my cameras and app are updated, even tried rolling back to older version and still the same.

Cellular is NOT the issue… I have 6 other brand cameras that ALL connect when the Wyze cams will not over LTE.

My home is running on a Digi WR-31 Cellular enterprise router on T-Mobile, 3 VOIP lines, 6 non-Wyze cams, 3 Wyze cams, several smart TV’s and computers. Everything communicates fine except the Wyze cams when being accessed remotely over cell network, WiFi works to remotely access most all the time…


Definitely a Wyze cam issue as my 6 other non-Wyze cams work fine over cellular or Wifi when remotely accessing…

For those having this issue, I’d suggest you file a support ticket from within the app while experiencing the issue. This will send the logs to Wyze for analysis. Make sure you include the cellphone make/model and carrier.

If you have a friend with a different brand cellphone and/or carrier, might be worth temporarily sharing the camera with them to see if it works for them.

Now I have not had the problem in a few days?

But when I do I will check on other carriers, I have Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to test with.

My phone is a Nexus 6P and I will just swap SIM’s to test other carriers when this happens.

Glad to see im not going crazy. It’s been a big issue lately for me as well :frowning: Wifi networks are good but not 4g/lte.


Had issues over local WiFi but worked on LTE today?


I have the same issue, but when i hotspot it works definitely an app firmware is an issue and Wyze does not reply anymore after i

Canada/ freedom mobile network

wyze has stop supporting my ticket, it has been 3 weeks no reply.

If i can return i would !!!

Hi @joeysugay. A couple of questions for you. Did you submit your ticket here; Support Request, or did you submit it through the app? If you did it through the app, are you on the beta version? If you have a support ticket number already, can you post it here please? :slight_smile:

I have submitted a ticket 3 months ago.
Wyze Ticket 266397] Re: cellular connection issues the support guy has stop responding to my questions and my analysis of using different phone and different providers.

I am working for a network provider.

Iam a technical person in terms of cellular business

i have to day this many times, this is not a cellular signal or firewall what wyze claims.
It is because of their APP or firmware upgrade.

you cannot say ohh it because of your IOS app version or android Version or your camera has to be flushed.

I / WE my technical group has tried them all.

beta or non beta its all the same issue
it is also all the same workaround using a hotspot
it works with hotspoting a phone and using this weather android or i phones

Thank you for providing the ticket number. I’ll see if I can get further eyes on it. If you wish for me to not do that, please let me know.

The reason I asked about the beta app, is that if you submitted feedback through it, it goes directly to the devs, and not to the support team. I wanted to make sure your information had gone to the right place for a support request. :slight_smile:

Hello joeysugay,

DreadPirateRush let me know about the issue you’re running into. I checked on your ticket and it looks like you started receiving responses again before I got there.

I can confirm that your ticket has already been fully escalated. We understand your frustration with the delays in us figuring this out. The reason the agent has been asking for further information is because we haven’t been successful in resolving your problem yet and we’re trying to make sure we don’t overlook anything. You are not obligated to provide that information but I can say that this makes it likely that a fix will take a longer time to arrive. The thread that you’re commenting on is from last year so it’s likely that you’re running into a new complication.

We apologize both for the difficulty that you have experienced with your Wyze Cams and the delays from our support team.

Joeysugay any luck getting it fixed , I still cannot connect when on my t mobile

Hi Roses4,

not at all working via cellular.

The last response from wyze was they will look into this and already escalated.

If you have 2 available phones, via cellular, hot spot and use the other to connect via Wifi - hot spot, you will notice that it is very very vary fast instantly and can connect and PAN/Zoom without any lags.

But this is ridiculous having 2 phones, i have an iPhone XS with 1 local SIM and 1 eSIM at the same time, this does not work. you must have a 2nd physical phone with you that can connect to a hotspot phone on ,y XS, then i can live stream. total inconvenience.

BTW- When i got mine new, on March 2019 it was working all the time via cellular, it may have been affected by a firmware upgrade down the line but Wyze cannot prove or admit.

I am working with a Telco and a technical person so mobile networks in and out is my stuff. the only BS that wyze support will ask you again and again x10 is your network

Or they will ask you to flush the cam, to re install or silly question like what is your provider or what is the version bla. after answering all those BS, they will again as you the first question again and again. seems to me the support is just reading this form a template what our reps normally has to say to the customers they are scripted.

I am sooooo frustrated because i have a lot of cams from wyze and was so happy at first i have installed them all over my office and home and friends and family i guess its cheap and this is what you get for being cheap. now my family who has this keep on teasing me to be cheap.

Why dont Wyze support just see how many is affected. OMG just google it and you will find out. it seems the support guy just think its just me.

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BTW, my rich family that i convince to get wyze and was disappointed, jsut got a cheap DLink 2 Pan 360 Cameras for 99 dollars, are all working fine via cellular network, i tad expensive than wzye but reliable connection you can trust stream even on 3G yes i tested them on 3G works fine. even better response in LTE networks.