App wont connect to V3 cam over cellular

I have a V3 Cam i have used for some time. Recently I can’t access the feed over cellular service on my phone. If im on wifi, it works fine. I confirmed data saver isn’t active on my phone. I have also recieved a few firmware updates on the camera, currently up to date with I have tmobile service. I’ve had other wyze products before and never had this issue.

Hi @noll.josh, welcome to the forum.

Does the Cam run through the authentication cycle 1…2…3… and never connect or do you get an error code when it fails to present the camera?

Have you cleared your WYZE app cache in awhile?

I would also suggest a power cycle v3 of you have not already done so.

When it connects it gets stuck on step 1 of 3.

I had cleared the cache and rebooted. That doesn’t make a difference.

As soon as I connect to wifi it connects through all 3 steps

The cellular connection is perplexing…

Do you have the ability to change the type of connection with T-mobile to test?
Screenshot_20210502-113537_Call settings

I combed the forum a little and saw a similar issue, but different attributes. The opposite in fact. But their problem was solved by changing their WYZE password.

Update password, logged out, logged back in with new password.

Could be worth a try?

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