Cameras not working when my phone is disconnected from WiFi

My cameras are currently connected to my home WiFi. However, when I’m away from home and not connected to any WiFi on my phone, it says “No internet connection”. Once I connect to any WiFi (at work for example) it begins working again. Do I have to be connected to a WiFi to be able to view my cameras? I thought I used to be able to view them using my data. Thanks in advance!

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No you do not. The Cameras are accessible via your cell provider as well.

I am seeing that you are an iPhone user, I am wondering if it is related to any of the security updates Apple has put in place. I would go to the Apple Settings and scroll down to Wyze. Check to see if you have Local Network turned on.

Also, can you provide the following:

  • iOS Version
  • iOS App Version being used
  • Type of Camera having issues
  • Firmware version of the Camera as well
  • Can you provide a screen shot of the error

If you go into your Event Menu, do you see any events in the App for when you are away from WiFi? Make sure you have no Filters turned on.


Also, make sure you have cellular data enabled for the Wyze app in your phones settings.


I have a iPhone with iOS 15.5 and can view my cams from any place on cell data via Verizon. It seems to me a lot of T-Mobile users have some issues with viewing their cams via cell data,

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That’s exactly what it was! Thanks for the help.


Glad you got it!


Thank you! On the latest update, it must’ve turned off cellular data.


Great catch. thanks for the follow-up. Forgot about that.

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Wyze cameras are wifi, remember pairing them at start up? do you have Hot Spot enabled on your phone? Are you cameras receiving their internet connection from your phone not your local network? Does logging onto the internet at work overrule your Hot Spot on the phone and become the current network? Thoughts… Wyze cams work anywhere there is wifi, at least a good connection. I tell my dog to “GET OFF THE COIUCH!” all the time just to see her look around and wonder. She doesn’t get off the couch.

Cellular data for the Wyze app got turned off in my phone settings, likely when it updated. Just had to turn it back on!



Yesss! Thank you. I called the helpless desk three time and they never suggested this!

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