Losing connection

My outdoor cams work fine when I am on wifi but I lose the connection once the wifi is turned off or when I go somewhere that there is no wifi.

Are you talking about seeing the cams on your phone? All the cams need wi-if to operate. I can go 100 + miles away and view my cams if I have cell data turned on in the phone.

No, I can’t watch it on my phone even a couple blicks away. Once I am out of wifi range it tries but will not connect. I have 2 outdoor cams and its the same for both.

What kind of phone are you using? Do you have the cellular data turned on in the setting on your phone?. You can connect to and see your cameras from anywhere if you have either wi-if or cellular data turned on.

This an iPhone with cell data on. Maybe on a android phone it is called mobile data?

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