Network connection

Why my outdoor Camera will not connect when I am off my network on my phone? When my phone is on my Wifi network at home I have no issue.

That’s a strange one. Only thing I can think of is try resetting everything and starting from scratch. During setup have your cell phone connected to the same network as your base station.

If that doesn’t work, contact support.

And don’t forget to turn off your phone completely (power off) then restart it… (allows corrupt phone memory to reset)

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So if I take my phone off of Wifi at home and just run off of Cellular it will not connect to the new camera? All of the cameras in the house connect no problem. I connect to the wifi on my home network and all of the cameras connect no problem. This make no sense to me at all?

It will connect either way… Not certain about the WCO

Yes the WCO is the one that will not connect VIA Cellular on any of our phones?

Same issue here with Wyze outdoor camera. Can only connect in home network.

I have tried Support and still waiting on a reply from them. Do you have any ideas what causes this?