Outdoor camera won't connect to wifi

New Outdoor camera won’t connect to wifi. Connects to router fine with CAT cable. Cellphone shows “authentication failed”. I’ve made sure it’s on the same network and reentered the password more time than I can count. This has been a very frustrating experience with Wyze. Have multiple other Wyze products that work fine. Haven’t heard anything from support after a week.


Are you keeping the base station plugged into your router?


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Does the authentication failed message show up in the Wyze app? Can you post screen shots? Are you trying to set up the WCO or the base?

The WCO connects to the base’s ssid, and the base is connected into your network via ethernet cable. Is the bases indicator light a solid blue?


Where are you trying to add the password? You just press the sync button on the camera after selecting the base you want the WCO to connect to.

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A couple things I noticed with the Outdoor Cam that were different from the other Wyze cams.
I had to change my SSID for my wifi.
Originally it was “My_Network”. My router wouldn’t accept a space so I had to use the underscore.

I couldn’t connect when setting up the Outdoor Cam. Three other Wyze Cams connected without a problem when I set them up over a year ago.

After I changed the SSID to “MyNetwork” the Outdoor Cam connected.
The Outdoor Cam didn’t like the underscore in my SSID.
Another thing I noticed, after making any changes you need to completely shut down the Wyze App and start over.
This is needed after say entering the wrong Password for the wifi.

I’ve found when connecting devices like a new phone to wifi, you need to go into the phone’s setting and “Forget This Network” if you enter the wrong Password for that network.
For some reason you can enter the correct password after entering the wrong one and the device will not connect unless you pick “Forget This Network”.

This can be done on both IOS and Android phones.
Good Luck! Hope this helps.