Had to get new WiFi, Need to resett everything but having problems

I had to change WiFi router and now my 3 outside and 4 inside cameras do not work. I am unable to start over. What must I do?

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Try changing the SSID and password on your 2.4 GHz network to the same as your old router. Make sure the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks are separate.
Try power cycling (unplug, wait 5 seconds and plug back in) the cameras if they’re not reconnecting.
The Wyze Cam Outdoor base is hard-wired, you should just be able to plug that into your new router. After it’s plugged in, you may have to try power cycling the base and/or WCOs if they don’t reconnect.


I did what you recommended before and it didn’t work but I did again tonight and it worked. So far I have set up my outside cameras, I will do the inside ones tomorrow. I sense that it will work now.

Thank you,
Lou Fulton

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