I have 6 cameras that won't connect anymore

I’ve been using these cameras for about a year with no problems. A few days ago I had someone manage to get on my wifi network and I decided to change the password to prevent them from getting on again. I use a TP-Link Deco M5 with the 5ghz side disabled so I know it’s using the 2.4ghz side.

I’ve reset the camera to factory settings, hear the ‘ready to connect’ and ‘qr code scanned’ msg but they never connect. Flashing blue and yellow until I cycle power and restart them.

I’ve force stopped the app, cleared the cache and I’ve finally cleared all memory on my phone. I’ve rebooted the phone, router and modem.

I’m at a loss as to what to try next. I know the password is right, the network name is valid and I’m a recovering software engineer.

Does anyone have a clue why these things won’t work now?

Make sure your cell phone is connected to the 2.5 Ghz WiFi network not the 5 Ghz one. Even if they use the same password. No idea why but mine would not connect until I ‘Forgot’ the 5G connection and connected back on the 2.5 Ghz connection.

thanks for the response.

I turned off the 5ghz band at the router. It can only see the 2.4ghz.

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Are you getting another error from the app, such as “Unable to connect”? Does your SSID and/or password have special characters and/or spaces?

The below articles may help you find the problem.


same boat here…the second cam worked flawlessly from the outset…then yesterday…boom
nada !
there should be a way to reinitialize the cam itself…did you get any kind of support from the
wyze - people?..

I’m down 3 of 10 here (and counting) with the pretty much the same symptoms. So far the only common denominator is that they all had a less than ideal wifi signal. In other words, they would lose connection more often because of a weak signal. Their program seems to be corrupted as they do things like say “Ready to Con…” (not finishing the statement) when you hit the reset button, or say “Ready to Connect” when you power cycle them while holding the reset button to reflash the firmware. Which I’ve managed to do on a couple, with no change.

Got it fixed with the help of Wyze!! Great job.

Turned out somehow I got a space at the end of my network ID. Not the password, because I checked that but it was the end of the SSID. Not sure how it got there because I didn’t do it on purpose but removing it fixed the camera connection problem.

Wyze had me run some diag software on my phone and send them a log id code and they were able to see the problem right off. Great job of support and problem solving.

Thanks to all who read and helped on this end too.


You should NEVER do this

thanks…be well


It’s horrendous troubleshooting overkill.

I’ve stated my opinion on this in other threads …
Q: “i should be troubleshooting my router because of Wyze cam issues”


In his case it actually was. But my question was why not turn off the 5GHz signal on a dual band router? “NEVER do this” implies it’s some how damaging to the router. Which is why I asked why.


Was curious myself. In my case it was router also. Months back I documented on here my drop out issues (only the cameras seemed affected) I was having. After some testing I replaced the router with a much newer (4 years) one and viola! No more issues! Since then I have not once experienced a problem with Wyze cameras connecting.

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Yep, I had a feeling you had a space in your SSID. Glad you were able to get it resolved. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. Wyze people communicating with me for 2 weeks. 2.4ghz on 5 off have ecobee 1 shark IQ 1 rumba 7 rp link switches and 7 outlets and 2 eco shows with 5 dots all work except wyze cameras I’ve owned for years