Wyze Cam v2 and firmware (July 21, 2021) not working

I have v2 that has not been used and upgraded firmware since last year. I know it’s out of date. I tried to manually updated the firmware to (July 21, 2021) and everything seemed to be okay. Then when adding a new device to the app (v2.23.23) and after scanning the QR code, the cam v2 kept saying " Cannot find specified network name". I’m 100% sure the SSID and password entered correctly. I also double checked and followed this troubleshooting but no luck

I also did try the factory reset but did not help.

Does anyone have the same issue? Or any suggestion to resolve this.


do you have a 5ghz available on your router when you try connecting? maybe in the guest network?

Most likely your WiFi is trying to get the camera to use 5 GHz (which the Wyze cameras are not physically able to use).
I inadvertently ran into that over the weekend. I had to redo the setup of one of my cameras. I have two band specific SSIDs used for IoT devices - …IoT-2G and …IoT-5G. I made sure my phone was connected to the 2.4 GHz SSID and did the setup. Camera could not find the specified network. Say what - I’m standing about 3 feet from the access point. Tried again, and realized that I was connected to the 5G network and had mis-read it when doing the setup. Tried again with the 2G and it worked just fine…

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No 5g on my router. I have another v2 and tried the same thing as the one that is having the problem. I did factory reset to another v2 and started adding the camera to the app and it worked.

I also took the bad one to my neighbor and connected to his network but not worked.

what router do you use?

i’m using Verizon router.

you mean a hot spot?

it’s not a hot spot. it’s the home router.

do you happen to know the model #. maybe there’s some known trick I can find. I’m not too familiar with verizons setups.

VERIZON FIOS / Frontier Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I Gigabit Wireless N GigE Router.

By the way, I have another v2 and I was able to reset and added it.

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did you buy this on your own or was it provided to you by your ISP?

provided by ISP

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ok. so I THINK I might know what the issue is. but first let me ask, how many devices do you have connected to it generally?

this router is getting up there in age ( in technological rates, kind of like dog year math ) being ISP provided, many ISP’s limit the number of connections their router can handle. being the simplest solution this is what first popped into my mind.

you could prove or dispel this with your answer to the first question :slight_smile:

the ISP connection limit is something we have run into many times over the years so its become one of those defaults for trouble shooting.

I have 4 devices connected to the router (3 laptops + 1 Wyze v2). Adding another v2 should not be a problem I think.

I just also rebooted the router and nothing worked.

oh wow, yeah, that’s definitely below the typical limit we see. so that’s not causing it. and its not interference from any 5ghz signal.

Im going to tag some experts in here, maybe they might see something I missed. or even better they have experience in some capacity with that router :sunglasses:

@Mavens anyone got any ideas here?

Thanks Bam. Hope someone/experts can help on my issue.

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Hi @Jaya, So to reiterate, you’re using iOS App v2.23.23 & Wyze Cam-V2 on f/w

You have one camera that works fine and a 2nd Cam that, after scanning QR code, reports
“Cannot find specified network name”. You took this 2nd Cam to a neighbor and had same result.

  1. Turn off your mobile data, flush cache and try adding the V2 again.
  2. If that doesnt work, try another manual flash w/older (March 9, 2021).

Hi dr,know,

Here were what I did:

  1. Turned off the cellular data on the iphone
  2. Cleared cache (Wyze app > Account > App Settings > Clear)
  3. Added the V2
    4.The camera said “Cannot find specified network name”

then flush with the older versions. I tried all old version back to (August 31, 2020). The issue still is the same.

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Assume you’ve used a 32Gb (or smaller) uSD card format in FAT32 for the demo.bin file.
You were able to select your network name (SSID) and put in your (WiFi) password.
The Camera’s receiver must be working. Perhaps it’s not transmitting to get an ACK from the router.
Out of ideas. Calling for next expert! :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct . I used 32GB SD card with FAT32. I used the same SD card to test the firmware flush with the other working V2 and I was able to add it to the app.

Perhaps you are right. the receiver is not working properly. I’m curious if I could mail the camera back to Wyze to investigate.

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