How to connect to my android phone for viewing when away from home

I am new and have finally got around to sitting up my Wyze camera - am connected to home wifi - but do not know who to set up my phone so I can view camera when I am away from home. Wondering why kind of App I need to download, if I even need one…

You use the Wyze app to view, you should not need to do anything else on your home network.
You can test it if you want, just turn off the wifi on your phone while at home, and then try to connect using the Wyze app. With wifi disabled, it should be trying to use the cellular network to connect. I’m assuming you have a data plan that you can use to test with but please correct me if I’m wrong.

The Wyze app you used to setup your cameras is the same one you use to view the cameras with. Maybe this would be helpful.