Using cameras with a mobile hotspot

I purchased some v3 camera for my parents to use at their place. They don’t have home internet and have to rely on a cell mobile hotspot for internet access. I have tried unsuccessfully to connect the cameras to a mobile hot spot. I have tried connecting them to my mobile hotspot on my phone—unsuccessfully. I then tried connecting a mobile hotspot on my moms phone (while using the app on my phone)—unsuccessfully. From what I have read online this shouldn’t be an issue, yet it is. I also tried to configure the cameras at my home but as soon as I unplug them and then plug them back in at their place they don’t allow me to see anything that was recorded at their place when I bring them home to my house (with internet). They want to have the same ability that I do at my house—see their cameras on their app and be able to connect with Wyze. Any suggestions?

I have used Wyze cameras with both dedicated mobile hotspots and also a cellphone operating as a hotspot. Never had an issue other than one of the devices was trying to operate the hotspot on 5 GHz - which most of the Wyze devices do not support. Once I changed the hotspot to 24 GHz, I was able to run setup on the Wyze cameras to assign them to the hotspot. I have also set up the hotspot to use the same SSID and password as my IoT network at home. In this case I did not have to do anything to the cameras in order to get them to operate.

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I am unfamiliar with how to force the mobile hotspot to be on the 2.4GHz frequency. Can you please advise how you did that? I can happily try again if thats all that it is!

That completely depends on your hotspot. It would be in the settings for your hotspot.

You are talking the one on your cell phone?

As I said in my earlier post, I have used a cellphone (both Android and iPhone, and also a dedicated cellular hotspot (T-Mobile). They all had the ability to set the band for the hotspot, but it’s all different. It’s in the setup - unless the hotspot is only capable of operating on one of the bands (the iPhone is that way as I recall).
You will have to check out the settings or manual for your hotspot.

Awesome! I will give this a shot! Thanks so much for your help!