Cam v3 (v2 also?) connectivity using iOS hotspot and iPad wifi SOLVED

Having no Wifi service in my house my main source of internet access is an iphone with an unlimited data account. Using the Wyze App on my phone i set the cameras up and view them with the app on my iPad. Same set up for my old v2’s. Worked fine for a day or two then “Device offline” and “Error code 9” would show up and i would do a pull power reset then a full factory reset to get the cameras workable for another day or two.

With my new batch of 4 v3’s the same issues popped up and it suddenly occurred to me to use the Wyze App on my iPad only, so i deleted the app from my phone and use the personal hotspot for the cameras to view/control/store videos with the Wyze app on my iPad. When i leave the house with my phone and return i turn the hotspot on and the camera as get picked up almost immediately. Haven’t had the issue in almost 2 weeks.

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I can’t set up with my phone hotspot. Is it because it’s 5G?