V3 Timestamp Doesn’t Hold when I move Cam to Local Record

Blinking red and blue at my rental means recording to SD card! :rofl: Got it setup again here at home on my WiFi and will take it back tomorrow. Had used about 11 gb of data on the card. I formatted it and hope that it forgets the May 2022 timestamp. Thanks for all the help!

What about connecting cam to hotspot. Ever done? V3 wouldn’t recognize hotspot at all. Just didn’t see it. Did see the WiFi I entered for home. Thanks!

Is that your cameras initial set up date? Could be rolling back to that when it can’t reach any servers when it’s powered on in a no wifi and trying to retrieve it’s settings. Could be a manufacture date, or rando date too.

No, I just bought it two days ago. You’re right, might be manufacture date.

Others take it camping and use the hotspot.

I couldn’t get it to recognize my iPhone as a hotspot. Do you mean a WiFi connection at the campground?

I’m curious how people travel with this as a dashcam if they leave their home WiFi overnight? Do you have to connect using a hotel WiFi connection?

There are many users who use the V3 to connect to their phone via cellular hotspot. The difficulty is in the phone, not the cam. The cam will connect to any 2.4 Ghz WiFi it can see so long as you have the PW.

One user tricked the cam by setting it up on their guest network SSID names "phonenet"and then programmed their phone hotspot to be named “phonenet” with the same password. That way the cam doesn’t know it is logging into a different network. All that matters is the SSID and PW.

There are users who set it up on hotspot, take it camping, plug it in and initialize on hotspot, then leave it plugged in to do time lapse star videos. Others hook them up to battery packs and let them record like trail cams. One user described using it as a backup cam on their RV connected to the phone hotspot in the cab and live streaming the feed.

As long as you don’t turn the cam off, it doesn’t care where it goes. As a dashcam, it just can’t be turned off overnight, otherwise it needs it’s setup WiFi to restart.

Hotel WiFi is tricky because of the type of WiFi at the hotel and their login protocols. If the WiFi network login is URL portal based that sends you to a webpage to credential, the cam won’t connect because it can’t do that. If it is a guest network without a PW, you will have trouble because the cam needs SSID and PW. Users have gotten around this by using a mini travel router to connect to the the Hotel WiFi and connecting the cam to the Travel Router. That way, they only have to set up the cam one time to the travel router SSID and then just log the router into the new WiFi at each new hotel.

Here are two searches that may produce some info for you:



Other topics that have used iOS hotspot:

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Other apple devices only. Non apple devices won’t connect unless the iPhone hotspot is on the hotspot page - and BTW, if the WiFi connection drops even for a second, it won’t reconnect unless the iPhone is on the hotspot page and the screen is showing (not blanked). I get caught on that one regularly. Very annoying. My work forced on me #$%^&* iPhone 8 with iOS 15.6.1 is the only Apple device I have, but it has unlimited tethering…

The V2 and V3 in my truck connect to my WiFi at home. They are normally never powered off.

I connected my windows laptop to it while on the Home Screen. It showed up in the WiFi list, put in the password, and it connected. My phone put a green bar at the top letting me know a device was connected. iOS 16.

I wonder if Apple finally changed that in iOS 16?
The other one that annoyed me was that several years ago Apple removed any ability to tell what devices were connected to your hotspot (to protect you was the Apple excuse). Best you could get was a count of how many devices were connected.

Did you just turn this on from your windows laptop? Interesting. I just tried it on my iPhone with iOS 16 and it does work. Interesting…

No, that’s your PCs hotspot.

Your phone just shows up in the wifi list

Yes the laptop showed up on the Wi-Fi list on the iPhone.

Other way around

The network name for the computer mobile hot spot shows up on the iPhone is what I meant.
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 10.58.27

Create the hotspot on your phone in settings > personal hotspot. Enable the toggle.

On your laptop or whatever else, go to the WiFi networks list. You will see the name of your phone. Connect to that

Thank you all! I got it set up on my phone hotspot here at home. Later going to transport it to the rental property and see if will record to SD card after I leave and take my hotspot away.


Awesome! Glad it is working!

Be sure to have all your SD recording settings the way you want them before you leave it to do it’s work:

Continuous Record or Motion Only
IR Night Vision Auto\on\off
Cam Status Light (seen at night!)
IR lights near\far dusk\dark
HD\SD quality

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Thank you for mentioning this! I hadn’t caught on to the camera status light and hadn’t explored the IR mode setting.

Only last glitch that may happen is when I unplug it here I have to plug it in over there. Will it look for my hotspot and connect again? And service over there is only about two bars so I hope signal strength is enough. Also, when the hotspot becomes out of range then does it switch to recording on the micro SD card or is it also recording onto the SD card while it is recording in livestream mode because I have it set to record to SD card now?

I’ll be able to pull the SD card tomorrow to see if recorded as hoped.

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Yes. Have the hotspot running before you plug it in. Let it start up and start recording. Once you can see it ON in the app and pull a live stream, check the SD Playback and you should see the blue shading on the timeline indicating it is recording… all is working and you can shut down the hotspot and let it run.

If you have already set the SD to record continuous, it will start recording when you plug it in and it pulls it’s settings from the server thru the hotspot. It will then continue to record to the SD regardless of your Livestream or Wyze uploaded events happening and without WiFi or Hotspot. It is a completely isolated and independent function that operates on its own so long as it is set to do it at startup. The SD recording does not need or depend on any WiFi after the initial setup.

If you have it set to record on motion, it will only save footage while there is motion in front of the cam. It records footage in 1 minute files full time non stop indexed from the 00 second mark. If no motion in that 1 minute, the cam dumps the footage and never saves it, if there is motion, it saves it. Under continuous recording it saves them all.

You can replace the SD card without unplugging the cam or putting it back on hotspot, just do a live swap. It will start recording to the new card as soon as it is plugged in.

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