Simple car security with upload to cloud

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my successful setup for car security-parking monitoring away from home.


  1. portable car jump starter (I’m using BEATIT G18 QDSP 2000Amp)
  2. Waze Cam 1
  3. any spare cellphone to setup a wi-fi hotspot (i’m using old semi-broken iphone 6)
  4. usb switch off / on ( Onite 2pcs Micro USB Female to Male Cable Raspberry Pi 3,Pi 2,B+,Zero W Power Switch Cord)
  5. industrial type velcro


  1. connect car jump starter and your phone to your car electric system for continuous recharge when car is running only (or risk draining your car battery)
  2. setup camera on your windshield using velcro and connect it to the car jump starter thru usb switch (this will help to preserve your power bank when camera is not in use)
  3. setup a wifi hotspot on your spare phone
  4. using any other phone with installed wyze app - add your camera by connecting to your hotspot

Done. Now you have a perfect car cam with cloud recording.