Wyze vehicle security camera (Not a Dash Cam)

I would like to see Wyze create a security camera for your vehicle. (Not a dash cam, or combo!)
Main use being able to watch, + record, and be notified when your car is broken into.
I understand the main problem is watching, and notification, + the the inherent problem of wifi distance, but, at least it could record the person, and help with apprehension + conviction of the criminal.
And, I’m no tech engineer, nor any way technically savy, but it would be great if this could be overcome,…Somehow! Lol

Possible Features =

  1. All Black color to blend in. (No White) lol
  2. Hidden mounting option as well as surface mounting ability. (Hidden being the best option, but surface for others, who just want the simplest install) or make 2 versions. 1 hidden + 1 surface.
  3. Hard Wiring, USB, + Cig Lighter ability power options.
  4. Possible Back up battery included, or option, (also kept charged through main camera power source options listed above)
  5. Shock Sensor ?
  6. Glass Break Sensor ?
  7. Night vision (harder to do design with hidden cam but necessary!)
  8. SD Card Slot. (Direct, or via cable) depending on design, or model chosen.
  9. Same type customizable settings/features as in cam app.
    RF ?

I know this is practically a car alarm without the siren, lol, but these things are just suggested.
And, after all,…it’s a wish list.
Guess. I’ll see if I just get torn a new one for this thought, or if it’s feasible, or even liked by anyone else.
And… Discuss! Or not. Lol.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @joshK!
Cool idea!
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wifi ? you mean a cellular connection,

if you are willing to pay monthly for a cellular connection to have this, then you can use a normal 4G smartphone ,and the biggest powerbank you can find to charge them so you dont discharge your car battery flat

now if your car is broken into , the thief will have all these extra goodies to pinch

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We needa 360 degree wifi camera system we m for semi trucks. Please make it so.

Yeah, I am on the road a lot and have the same problem. Similar questions. I’ll post mine even though some may be redundant.

I am using a Wyze V2 camera to try to protect the contents of and potentially catch vandals to my car. So I am away from wireless sources most of the time. Is there a way to change the camera settings directly from my phone without going through a wireless internet connection?

I am still on the free Wyze plus trial period. Is Wyze plus recording to the cloud? How do I even access that? If I leave the camera in my car away from wi-fi, is that video eventually uploaded to the cloud?

Is using wyze plus the only way to mark events like motion or sound?

Is it possible to increase the range of the Wyze v2 cam in my car with a WiFi boost or Repeater? I often park quite far from my apartment.


So, I’ve noticed a lot of people I know or reports in the news about an increase in cars being broken into and vandalized.

What about a unique product I’ve not seen on the market. Wyze Car security cameras? Using the Outdoor battery model or something that connects to the car’s 12V accessory outlet. Discreet cameras that record multiple angles inside the car to catch whomever broke into or vandalized the vehicle.

Perhaps the “hub” is stored under the hood and connects directly to the battery so it can store and offload images in case the primary camera(s) get damaged or stolen.

Something to think about. Low cost peace of mind car video surveillance and security.


both security and dash cam


Wireless hidden Camera for Vehicle

Our street gets cars broken into all the time. Would like a camera that takes pictures of anyone looking in the window. Touching handle. Not sure how or where this would be hidden but it would be awesome.


Birds Eye View Vehicle camera system

I would like to suggest the Birds Eye View Vehicle camera system with video storage as a new product. The Wyze security cameras were the first cameras I have found which worked as they should and were so easy to set up. I have been shopping for the Birds Eye or Surround camera system for several years and have not found any with consistent positive reviews. I would like the syatem for both my car and Camper Van. I feel the system would offer superior vision of the area around the van in particular. There are many blind spots both while travelling and parking the van. The systems also provides security for the vehicle while parked by recording the surroundings if the vehicle is jostled. I think your ability to produce quality product means you could capture the market in this growing sector. This systems already are available on some new vehicles.