Car Security with Wyze

I am in the middle of upgrading my Mobile (car) security. My build will include a metal box to secure a wyzecam v2 to my back window, This will be secured in the box and locked down to the “Tether Anchor” system. This locked down box will prevent both removal of the camera and also protect the Micro card if the car is tampered with.

My house was broken into years ago when my father lived here and I have installed rotating wyze cams inside and one box type in the window with the iR lights off.

This alerted me to a person parked out front at 3:45 am trying to pop car doors. He did get in but took off as I put on an outside light.

Purchased the Wyze sense package and added the bridge to the camera and wyze sensor to my car door. (blocked by the window frame from outside view) now every time the car door opens or is left open n front of the house I get an instant alert.

Added an IR light outside.

Plans for the car is to install a Wireless Mini Portable Travel Router, Pocket, WiFi Repeater Bridge, set it up to repeat xfinitywifi, set up the camera to the router portal page.

This should then allow the camera to record as usual to card when not in range of an xfi hotspot, but when the car is anywhere near a xfi hotspot, to connect live and send alerts.

This should allow a mobile webcam in my car, with door sensors (will have to add a bridge kit to my car, and with the extra sensors I can also add one inside my trunk so I will get an alert if the trunk is open.

will update as the build progresses.

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Very cool usage. On a side note, have you thought about moving to a different neighborhood? LOL.

We have had these issues around the area with Covid-19.

the person has been spotted trying doors and breaking in around 3-4:15 AM in about a 5 mile radius.

Its also good when I travel as I have a wireless hub in the car now hooked to a power source. it picks up xfinitywifi, so if I an around that. my wyze carcam and the door sensor are all now mobile and can send me data on my phone. :slight_smile:

for anyone who cares.
The door Sensor is set to my home bridge on my front outdoor cam.

for the car i added…

a " GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 Wireless Mini Portable Travel Router, Mobile Hotspot in Pocket, WiFi Repeater Bridge, Range Extender, OpenVPN Client." in my car. set it up to Xfinitywifi and it works as a repeater bridge. it allows you to connect to an open hotspot that uses a web login, and connect and from that set up a local ID/password for your equipment. (the local is what the wyzecam connects to.)

This was the same issue people had with roku and hotels. You can connect but there is no way to put in a password or get to a web login screen by roku. So the bridge logs into the open wifi and makes a private ID/Password for your equipment to access the datastream.

when driving I have the cam recording to the SD card and secured on my dashboard. When parked and I may wanr to use it, it’s locked to the child belt strap downs on the rear has a fabric covered box over it that allows the camera to see out but conceals it from cursory view.

Until the carcam is made by Wyze, this was my quick solution.


Great project!

Any chance you could post a few photos?

Great idea!