Setting up portable cam at hotel

How would i set up my outdoor portable cam at the hotel so i can monitor my vehicle?

I don’t think it will work since the camera will not detect motion through a glass window. See travel mode on the list of features.


Here is a youtube video LifeHackster did. He used a v3:


That was a great video. I like how he kept the home wifi SSID to keep setup simple.

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Yea, he did an earlier one and it was a little more crude but was effective. This was is latest

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Yes except for a couple of things.

  1. Big deal: he repeatedly indicates he’s gaining his family security by front ending a non-passworded hotel WiFi with his passworded travel WiFi. He is not.. Every bit of traffic he sends through that router is dutifully forwarded as is through the hotel WiFi, just as if it had connected directly. That’s kind of what routing IS. He didn’t mention relying on any remote VPN endpoint.

  2. Minor issue: The second demo seems entirely superfluous and pads out the video with a repeated scenario.

I think folks have missed the point. Poster wants to watch the car, not the hotel room. And there was no indication he wants to do it from inside the room. I think he’s considering leaving it in the vehicle or stashing it outside somewhere…

Correct, want to put cam in vehicle, monitor contents from hotel roomm,

I suggest you set it up in travel mode and test it out at your home and see if it does what you want.

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I am also looking at a similar use case to put Wyze Outdoor Cam V2 inside the vehicle where I just need the camera to record when there is a motion being detected such as a moving car or person.

For your case, it will be better to use a 4G car dash cam with parking mode enabled. It is recommended to get another external battery pack designed for car use. It is not recommended to use the car battery to power any devices when the car is parked as it will drain quite fast,

hope my comment helps.