Wyze Cam Outdoor Travel Mode

I need to set up a camera in a remote location to watch people or catch people dumping construction materials on my property. Can I set up motion detection on this camera, have it record to the SD card. Then when I am out there see the content on my phone and pull it down locally? I may also get one of the solar panels if I can find a good hidden sunny spot to mount it otherwise I will buy 2 and swap them out.

You would be better off with a game camera, some even have built in cellular and solar charging.
In my opinion the Wyze Cam Outdoor is junk, your money would be better spent on a Game Camera :exclamation:

Yes, you can put it in travel mode and it will record upon motion. The setting can be found in scheduled recording. Essentially, you’ll set up a scheduled time frame where it’ll record upon motion.

Keep in mind, it uses pir detection, and works best for horizontal movement. You’ll want to test out positioning before relying on it… But I’ve had a good experience overall with my 3 outdoor cameras.

Is there a thread here where anyone has gotten travel mode working? The steps in the online support do not work for me.

I got it working by turning off data on my phone.