Record upon motion in travel mode

Scheduled recording takes more battery and storage than just recording upon motion when outdoor cam is in travel mode. Especially when wanting to use while travelling and wanting to watch over hotel room while out.

The Outdoor Wyzecam will not record motion activated incidents in Travel Mode. I would like to monitor areas outside my home that have no Wi-Fi signal. Wyze says you can use Travel Mode to monitor your hotel room etc. while away from home. This can be done only by setting up a continuous time lapse. We NEED motion activated recording in travel mode recording to the sad card just like we have it when connected to WiFi ,


Seems like the camera is internally using the PIR sensor to detect motion, so it would seem simple to record the 12 second video and store it to the SIM card. A basic requirement would be that the camera has the 32G SIM card for this functionality to work. An added feature would be that if the camera is taken out of travel mode, the last 14 days of stored 12 second motion videos could be synced up to the cloud.


I’d like this feature as well. I recently took mine on a trip and tried to monitor my hotel room while I was gone, but quickly learned I couldn’t do motion detection. I set a recording for the 4 hours I was gone, but I really don’t want to review that footage.

How are people using Travel Mode, if motion detection is not available?


I agree. We were told these cameras could be used as trail cams during the initial reveal. That was obviously not true.


When will this be available? I thought i had it set up to do this, the whole reason for buying it. I recently found that it hasn’t recorded anything

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I want to know the same. I just recieved my outdoor cam today, set it up (including latest firmware) and there is no option to record to the SD card in travel mode, triggered by motion.

This is the entire reason I bought this! I travel for work constantly, and want hotel room monitoring!

Disappointed here Wyze! This was an advertised feature!

Please fix this quickly.


The reason that I bought this camera was to be able to record motion detected video in travel mode when I don’t have wifi. Come to find out after I received it and tried to set of motion detected recording that it doesn’t do motion detected recording. Absolutely ridiculous! :rage:

Did the latest firmware give us this functionality yet??

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I was disappointed that I could not use the camera for outdoor photography as a trail camera. Then I tried connecting a power bank (at least 5000mAh) and it worked. I set it up as a scheduled recording for motion only. I made sure the power bank connection was properly protected from the elements.

I wrote a reply pointing out the absurdity of not having motion activated recording while on travel mode, then realized that it does support that mode. It’s just located under scheduled recording. I haven’t checked the recordings on the SD card but presumably it works just like events in the app. If you don’t see another update from me, then that assumption was correct.

How disappointing I was when I found out you could not set motion activated record while in Travel Mode. Makes Travel Mode useless. Please add this functionality Wyze.

And when you make a long timelapse recording, it takes forever to download and in my case if I leave the download screen on the phone to use another app then the download seems to quit. More trouble than it’s worth.

@yak55 You can set it to record motion activated videos in travel mode. Just update to the latest version and the option is under “scheduled recording”.

That said, it’s a big disappointment. The camera was only on a few hours and didn’t record any clips longer than 10 seconds despite movement still happening. I’ll try again with a mobile battery pack, but that really shouldn’t be needed. Broadcasting a wifi network in travel mode seems to kill the battery pretty fast. I’m only interested in recording to SD. I wish I could turn off wifi in travel mode.

Timelapse recording is a different topic. Let’s keep the discussion focused on motion recording in travel mode in this thread.

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Hi…Any workarounds / fixes for this topic?

First time testing my WCO out in travel mode on a trip. I honestly do no see the point to travel mode based on what I’ve experienced so far. It’s really rather useless, IMO.

Totally agree.

The only reason I bought the outdoor was for the motion detection on my camper while traveling. I guess it will just sit on a shelf hoping an update will someday make it useful. I usually cut a new product some slack but I feel cheated on this one. The literature should have stated that motion detection in travel mode was not available.

Check under “Scheduled recording”. Motion capture on travel mode is just in a weird place on the menu. Issues remain with this mode (as I mentioned above) but it does have motion recording on travel mode.

Why isn’t the answer to this question included in the support article on how to turn travel mode on and off. It would seem that the logical next steps after turning travel mode on, are how to use it. How to set it for motion detection. How to view or playback the video (i.e. you have to view the video on a computer etc.) And simply, once you enable travel mode at home, can you turn the cam power off while you travel and back on at the destination? Why does everything need to be trial and error here. There should be better technical writing about product usage and features.