Newbie ? Travel Mode and no Wifi available

OK, I have a large woods behind my home, and I bought the Wyse Outdoor primarily to find out what is going in and out of a hole (den) way out in the woods. No WIFI available of course.
All I want to do is put it in Motion-Travel Mode and record any motion to the camera’s on board SD card, and then collect the camera say a week later to review any motion or movement in or out of the Den. If I have an SD card installed and it is in Travel mode, shouldnt it be recording to the card, any time the camera detects motion? I dont even want to review it through the App. I just want to be able to take the SD card, connect to the computer and be able to review from the card itself. What am I missing?

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Motion detection requires wifi, and does not work in travel mode. Travel mode only allows for scheduled recordings and time lapse at this time.


Does Wyze have a plan to put motion detection with Travel Mode at some future date?


I would also like the ability for motion detection to be available while WOC is in Travel Mode. I bought a camera for a part of my property that does not have wifi capability and thought I could do as what you described above.

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Hi @doug.mcmillan – I wanted to do the same-ish thing. I put the Wyze Outdoor Cam in our forest overnight so I could check activity. (Deer, fox, critters, etc.). I see that it did record to the SD card thumbnail images, but I don’t see any video on the SD card. I haven’t been able to reconnect my iPhone to the Wyze Base which is required to transfer the events after Travel Mode. I also hope that there is video recorded.

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