How do you get the outdoor cam to work?!

I have not been able to get the outdoor cam to record anything while not connected to the internet. I have 32gb cards installed. I tried setting them to scheduled recording and capture motion. I tried just leaving them to record to ssd. And i get nothing. I dont understand. I set them up at home connected to the base station. Take the to the location i want to capture motion and nothing. Im beyond frustrated.

Have you enabled and set up travel mode?

Yes, but when you turn on travel mode , you cant leave the the camera in the wyze app or it turns travel mode off…

I would like to put the outdoor cam (with SD card) in travel mode and leave it outdoors for a week without being connected to a phone or base station, but it seems like once the Wyze app is closed while in travel mode, the recording stops.

Can anyone confirm if the Outdoor cam can keep recording after it starts and the phone is disconnected and then the video can be recovered from the SD card later?