What’s the trick to get the outdoor camera to record events to the local sd card?

Got an outdoor cam and I trying to use it off my WiFi to record some animal movement. I put an sd card in there but and set to travel mode but I can seem to fin how to record to the local said card on some motion. What am I doing wrong here? I don’t see a playback option and the album only has videos I made when playing around with the app.

You cannot record upon motion triggers in travel mode. Only when connected to the base station and internet. Travel mode only allows for timelapse and scheduled recording.

This may change in the future.

Also, there is no continuous recording like is present on the other Wyze cams.


But the site says that travel mode records motion?

It records motion with scheduled recording. It doesn’t record upon motion triggers. They really could have used less vague wording.

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So what is the difference between putting the base station into travel mode (with cams) and only putting the cameras into travel mode?

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t think there is a difference?

Not a lot of the info provided by Wyze is that helpful on the outdoor cam’s features. For me, it’s been a learn as I go situation.

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Wyze Outdoor Cam FAQ

The FAQ doesn’t really address any of the travel mode features after reading through them.

It is lacking on a lot of details. Like you mentioned it’s pretty much learn as you go trial and error. In most cases the forums have better info than the support pages.

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Travel mode = No Cloud, Records to SD Card but only in 12 second intervals. With a one minute cooldown, the default is set to 5min, so it records a 12 second clip every 5 minutes…Unlike the original Wyze Cams that have cont record and record on events only, These outdoor cams are very un user friendly because the firmware is bloated with non essention stuff like travel mode. Travel Mode bounds the outdoor cams and your phone as one. You have to turn off Celluar Data for this to work aswell. Or atleast when setting it up. Also once in travel mode you are connected to the wifi of your cams only. So if you travel outside the Travel Area you wont be able to access the cameras. Unless of course you got an ad-hoc setup or something clever, I been working on flashing the outdoor with the w2 firmware. So far so good…

Brannon B

That’s putting it extraordinarily kindly. When a company that spent 3 years selling cameras that detect motion and then record motion videos locally to a MicroSD card sells another camera that detects motion and writes that it “records motion videos locally to a MicroSD card”, they knew what they were doing. It’s disingenuous. Even without that history, what the heck is a “motion video” supposed to mean?

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I do tend to be kind when it’s an early access product, and as far as I know from reading through the forums that at one point during beta testing (those who were sent a camera to test before people could buy them through early access) recording upon a motion trigger was available. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong on that last point.

I remain hopeful that this function will be made available on the outdoor camera while in travel mode.

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Wyze is not an original conecept, If i recall its being licensed from a 15 year old in BangLa Bash, Setuid Zero.

You got the wrong product.

For that, it is far better to get a trail cam, those record on motion detection.