Cant figure out how to do playback

From my phone I can see live view of my outdoor camera but can’t figure out how to go back and watch previous video. Actually any hints on how to use this thing and the app is appreciated

Click the “Events” tab at the bottom of the first page to view motion events that have been recorded. If you have inserted and configured an SD card you can click “Playback” from a camera view to see what’s recorded on the card.

There is no continuous recording to the cloud.

Also the Wyze Cam Outdoor has severe limitations compared to the rest of the lineup and what I just wrote may be somewhat inaccurate for that model.

I have tried to find some videos on how to operate the camera so it can be used. Hard to determine if I should put micro SD cards in… and if so should I put it in the base unit or the camera. Just basic info on how to info would be great. I have 3 cameras to use with this system and it would be great to find some instructions that are useful. I would appreciate some guidance so I can actually enjoy having them… even information where people have determined best places to place the camera… things to do and not do, etc.
Thanks, Clark

The SD card in the outdoor camera will record scheduled recordings and time lapse videos. The events get recorded to the base station SD card if installed. The only thing you will see on the SD card from the cam itself is thumb nail pictures of events and you have to remove the card from the camera and the base to view it, there is no playback for outdoor from the SD card. As stated above you can review the event videos by going to the events button on the app and make sure you choose the correct day.
Places to put the cameras: 8-10 feet above the ground, the only way to move the detection zone is to adjust it with the camera. Make sure the detection zone is adjusted so that objects in the area you want to view are crossing the detection zone at a slight angle right to left or left to right and not straight at the cam.


OK… So I was finally able to install the camera outside. While installing it notified me because of motion. Now that it is installed I can walk out on my porch and i do not get notified. I walk out onto the porch with my phone in hand watching me on the camera but it does not notify me. Any ideas? Clark

you wont get notifications if you are in live view. close out and try that way.

I walked outside several times with the phone inside. Came back in and no notifications

Do you have live view closed out?

Check to make sure you have notifications enabled. You will have to do it in the account area of the app and per camera.

Push notifications needs to be enabled

Next you have to check each camera for what you want notifications for.

You will also need to make sure event recording is on for that all to work, it’s a per camera setting.

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