Wyze Outdoor Cameras - where's the playback function?

Hi All:
Used indoor Wyze cameras for awhile and really like them. Especially the playback feature when an SD card is in.
Bought the outdoor cams and a base station. All have the Wyze micro SD cards in them. Can’t seem to find the view playback option. Anyone know how to get this to appear?

Thank you


I also just had my son install my two cameras. I am so disappointed, I’d hoped to record wild life in my backyard but how do I see it? Is there no way to view recordings? I hope I’m just missing some important information. I have a card in the base, I ordered plus but I’m not sure why. Please help.

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If you have Cam Plus you will get a notification of a person or motion event if one is recorded. Then you can go to the app. Tap events and it will show the recording.If you have the correct updated app and firmware you can schedule recordings of events to record as long as you want on the time list provided in the settings and also set it to no cool down time if that is what you want.The cam only records when there is motion in that mode.You can also use scheduled recordings continuous for a period of time you choose and that will record your events to the SD if you put one in the camera itself, it will also use a lot of battery energy.
How far away is the camera from the area you want to record wildlife and how is the detection zone set ? The card in the base is supposed to record the events from the camera but you have to take the card out to view it. You should be able to see all events recorded in the events section with Cam Plus, with or without SD card.

Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I wish I’d not purchased these cameras but I should have done more research.
The camera is only 10-12 feet away from the area I want to record. I’ll check detection settings. I’ve changed the record time, I’ll see how the battery holds up.
I just feel very sad that I spent this much money and I can’t view playback like I can with inside camera. Thanks again


This is a view from one of my front outdoor cams so I can detect people walking up my cracked driveway and walkway and in the court on the end of the street. It also records all cars and trucks coming and going. I drew some green and red lines on it with Microsoft Paint. The green is about where my detection zone is. The red line is where the center of the camera is pointing across the zone which works best for the out door cam. It will detect people at about 30+ feet and cars and trucks to 70+ feet and record them all with the green tagging box. If you are not getting notifications the cam is probably not detecting motion across the detection zone, that is my best guess.
Front view3

I’m disappointed too. Will tell everyone not to buy this setup for wildlife viewing. It isn’t sending any notifications for movement even if I have tracking and notifications switched on.
I have an inside Cam which I really like, but this is a real bummer…


What kind of wildlife are you trying to to view? Critters in your yard or deer in a field across the street. Tracking does nothing but turn on the little green box as show on this albino van.

I have it set for the lower portion of my screen view which is about 20feet. I turned on tracking because I expected the camera to notify me (which is turned on) when it detected movement (tracking on). I also expected a View Playback since I had a micro card installed in that particular camera. I’m realizing now that nothing is what I was expecting.


20 feet is pushing it for small critters for motion detection. I have gotten some raccoons ,neighborhood cats and some birds trying to attack or land on the camera but that is about it for critters. The cam doesn’t seem to detect the goofy squirrels motion on my back deck but they move really fast and are about 20+ feet away. If you don’t care about battery use you could set it up for scheduled continuous recording from the hours of x to xx but I think you still need to remove the SD to view what is recorded. I have cam plus so I have never tried that. In the normal mode the events recorded on the out door cam are recorded on the SD card in the base if one is installed, which again you need to remove and view.
Are you getting events and notifications or neither? Can you locate the camera closer to the area you want to view?

BTW… the animals that visit my back yard are mountain lions and bears.


Well I guess you will have to ask the mountain lions and bears for their visiting schedule. :blush:

They sold trash… first of all… door connectors went to trash cans, next…wyze cam v2 went to trash cans , then wyze outdoor cams and wyze cam v3 went to trash cans.
They could not make any good cameras, how can they make others like garage door openers and door bells…?