Outdoor Cam V2 Random Travel Mode Issue

I have a new Outdoor Cam V2 I picked up at HomeDepot maybe 3 weeks ago. This camera will randomly stop transmitting to the app. You go outside and the camera will say Travel Mode Enabled. Is there a way to completely disable travel mode? It will not stay connected on its own.

You should check and see if travel mode is turned on or off on the base setting in the app as well as the cam settings ???

I did check that . both are off but the camera will just randomly put itself in the mode.

I don’t have the Version 2 WCO, I’m using the original Version 1 WCO cams. Maybe the sync button on the bottom of the cam has FUBAR parts or is stuck or defective for some reason. I don’t know what the return policy is at HD for Cams but I would take it back if at all possible and as soon as possible.

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I have the same issue I went outside and I heard this travel mode enabled I’ve tried everything it won’t work I also have the V1 that’s almost 2 years old and it works perfect