Travel mode issue

So I can set and use the camera for travel mode individually, but I cannot connect the cameras to the base station in travel mode.
The screen once I enter travel mode on the base station, it tells me “Oh No! Your base station isn’t paired to a Wyze Outdoor Cam yet” with the option to exit travel mode or “add cam”.

Add cam takes me through the setup,
1st: Camera charged and on (check)
1.2: camera will have a yellow light (no, it first shows a yellow but immediately goes to blue for operation)
2nd: press the sync button within 6 inch (I even heard “ready for pairing”
It will never pair.


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The camera’s Wi-Fi signal connects to your phone, I don’t see anyway it could be connected to your phone and the base at the same time. It is designed so the camera will work in areas without a Wi-Fi connection from the base. Go through these features until you get to Travel Mode.

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The issue I’m having is that I should be able to see both cameras at the same time by connecting to my base station. That’s what I can’t do

Bumping this as I still don’t have a solution

Was wondering if you ever found a fix for this? I am really confused on how travel mode works when it comes to the base and cameras.


I’m having the same issue.
I can connect my outdoor cam to my phone in travel mode.
I’m unable to get travel mode working with my base station.
I can connect to my outdoor base station but can’t see any camera. I have the latest Wyze app on my Motorola Stylus 5G.
I was hoping to get this working so I can have 3-4 cameras working in travel mode through the base station. It should be possible per Wyze.
Does anyone know if this is only a feature for outdoor cam v2?
I have v1…

Travel mode does work on the version one WCO. I tried it out on one of my 4 cams and it does work. I have never tried to do it via the Base station as shown in the WYZE instruction to view all 4 cams.

I have v2 cam and it doesn’t work by connecting to the base station. When I connect to the base it prompts me to add a camera. I can connect to the v2 camera directly when in travel mode on the camera. But that is not the way I understood it to work. The way I read it was you can connect to the base in travel mode and then access all 4 cameras.

That is what it states:

Maybe you need to set the cams in Travel mode first then the base??? I have no idea.

I tried that too. No luck. I have tried every combination I can think of. Short of standing on my head.

Same here. I’ve tried to put my camera in travel mode, then the base station. It won’t work.
I can only get camera travel mode, but not bad station travel mode.

OK after 3 Wyze Wizards and submitting logs I at least have some info.
First of all this is how it is suppose to work “When travel mode is enabled in the Wyze Base Station, all cameras connected to the Base Station will go on Travel mode automatically. No need to set the cameras on travel mode.”
Here is the final reply “We are seeing the same issue from time to time from the other customers but this issue is not yet considered known issue by our engineers. I have collated your observations and information as well as your app log for analysis and patching. While we don’t have an update yet, our engineering team will be looking into this and we hope to see this resolved. We will keep you posted should we receive updates.”

So I would say if you haven’t already, go ahead and open a ticket, submit logs and all that fun stuff so they will maybe then consider it a known issue.


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Also having the same problem as described. I can connect to the Outdoor Cam in travel mode but the connection to the base station fails with “Oh No”

I now have 2 cameras in travel mode that can’t connect to base station. Its quite frustrating as they automatically went into this mode, I didnt put them in it. Called support and was told nothing I can do. Now im out 2 cameras as of course they are past warranty mode. Seems average life of these is about 2 years (age of mine). Won’t buy again.

Why can’t you just EXIT Travel mode from the app? Read directions for travel mode:

Because its not connected in the app! Thats the issue. Cant connect to app because in travel mode. Cant take out of travel mode becasue not connected to app. Do you know how?!

Cams are supposed to be connected to your phone, check you Wi-Fi list the cameras emit their Own Wi-Fi Signal if you set travel mode up on the cams. If you set travel mode for the cams from the base exit that then try to set up the travel mode to connect to your phone as per directions for setting it up for the cams as per the directions in the link.


What a shame. I bought the camera set for this use case also. Major shortfall to not be able to connect multiple cams at the same time via base station.