Travel mode issue

So I can set and use the camera for travel mode individually, but I cannot connect the cameras to the base station in travel mode.
The screen once I enter travel mode on the base station, it tells me “Oh No! Your base station isn’t paired to a Wyze Outdoor Cam yet” with the option to exit travel mode or “add cam”.

Add cam takes me through the setup,
1st: Camera charged and on (check)
1.2: camera will have a yellow light (no, it first shows a yellow but immediately goes to blue for operation)
2nd: press the sync button within 6 inch (I even heard “ready for pairing”
It will never pair.


The camera’s Wi-Fi signal connects to your phone, I don’t see anyway it could be connected to your phone and the base at the same time. It is designed so the camera will work in areas without a Wi-Fi connection from the base. Go through these features until you get to Travel Mode.

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The issue I’m having is that I should be able to see both cameras at the same time by connecting to my base station. That’s what I can’t do

Bumping this as I still don’t have a solution