Outdoor Cam Keeps Cycling Through Different Status

My outdoor cam keeps randomly announcing that “pairing is in process” and also “travel mode is enabled” / “travel mode is disabled” I have power cycled the cam, re-paired it, power cycled the base station and nothing has seemed to fix it. It is totally random and will repeat these phrases for random amounts of time, then stop for hours, then back again… Anything else I should do to try and fix this? Thanks!


Did anyone ever find a solution to this? We’ve also been having this problem with one of our Wyze Outdoor Cams. Driving us nuts!


Sept 2022 one of my WCO units started doing this today randomly. The camera’s been in the same place for months, and not touched, and suddenly started pairing mode by itself. When I lift it it will say Travel Mode enabled. I tried resetting and re-adding camera, still randomly goes into pairing mode.

Try the disable travel mode process and see if it exits travel mode then see if it returns to normal.

To turn off Travel Mode:
In the Wyze app, tap your Wyze Cam Outdoor, then the SettingsGear__1_.png gear icon in the top right.
Tap Exit Travel Mode.

Same here. I guess no fix to this problem either. ANOTHER wyze cam rendered useless :skull: