Outdoor cam entering pair mode automatically

hi, my outdoor cam is entering pair mode automatically.

Noticed this recently, it was working fine but now the cam will randomly enter pairing mode, saying pair in progress please wait. I didn’t press sync nor did i do anything about it.

I have tried power cycled the cam, deleted the cam, and paired it, again and again.
Still it will randomly enter that mode, and very quickly exhaust battery.

I have another outdoor cam which is still working fine.

any idea what is going on?

Welcome to the forums! Is the button stuck down, loose, broken or something as far as you can tell? I wonder if something is broken or defective about the button.

The exterior of cam and button are fine. I don’t see stuck down, loose, broken or anything abnormal.
Pressing button gives me a crispy click button press sound.

while the pairing in progress thing is going on again, I pressed the sync button 5 times (single press, not quick double)
here are the responses for each time:

  1. travel mode enabled.
  2. travel mode enabled.
  3. travel mode enabled.
  4. travel mode disabled.
  5. travel mode enabled. travel mode disabled.
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My gut is saying defective switch, because the camera looks like it is processing a single press as more than one. The best course of action is say is to contact support and let them know the issue. See if they have any tricks to try or diagnostics they can run for you, and check to see if warranty replacement is in the cards.