Understanding travel mode with outdoor camera

Hi - just discovered Wyze cameras today and wondering whether the new outdoor camera will suit a project I’m involved with. A volunteer group installs Barn Owl nest boxes about 12 ft above the ground in remote locations without accessible power, and would like to record video from inside or outside the boxes without disturbing the birds . Some questions before we pull the trigger on purchases:

  • does the camera require Internet access to commence the Travel Mode?
  • will the camera record onto an SD card while in Travel Mode?
  • can the camera record Time Lapse while in Travel Mode?
  • can the camera download from the SD card to a phone, either by wireless or wired?
  • is an Internet connection required to download the SD card?
  • If SD download is not feasible, then we could probably swap two cameras in order to minimize disturbance to the birds. Any “gotchas” about simply swapping two cameras at a single location? (e.g. Internet registration)
  • is the time lapse frame rate adjustable?
  • does recording at a lower frame rate in Time Lapse mode increase the battery life, or is it governed by the length of time it is powered-on?)
  • any idea of the battery life for time lapse?

Thanks for any information you can supply.

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Yes, the camera will need to connect to the base station witch must be hardwired to your router/WiFi once you start travel mode from there you don’t need the base station until you have to charge the camera and restart travel mode.

Yes, up to 32GB

I’m not sure on this one! I can’t find anything that says if it works in travel mode or not.

You can download the footage when the camera is travel mode. You just have to connect to the camera in the app using travel mode.


This might answer your questions:
Let me know if this helps you!


What @Brlepage said, plus

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Offline video recording . Staying at a hotel or backpacking in the Rockies? Travel Mode records motion & time-lapse videos locally to a MicroSD card for when you’re without an internet connection or base station.

Actually your project sounds like the ideal use case for the WCO! :slightly_smiling_face:

Be sure to scroll allll the way down on this page


Great! Thanks to both for your very helpful replies. I have put myself on the notification list for when they become available again.


To clarify, the timelapse interval is adjustable the final frame rate I don’t think is without some sort of video editing software.

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Travel mode: Does the phone have to be in WIFI range of the camera after setting to travel mode?

No, you just have to be in range when setting up the camera and reviewing footage.

So I’ve been testing mine out in travel mode and offline like a trail cam. After getting it back online, in the app when I click on “More” and “Album”, I don’t see any of my recordings on the app. When I put my SD card in my computer I see thumbnails of motion events, but no actual recorded videos. Thoughts?

I ran into an issue where I tried doing a time lapse video while in travel mode and the camera failed to record anything, so at this time time lapse while in travel mode does not work.

I have not had any success using it like a trail cam. I tried motion only and it recorded every few minutes until the battery was dead (within a few hours starting from 100% charged). I had success for a few hours once during daylight. I have never had success at night. It is very inconsistent with taking videos but very consistent with draining the battery quickly.

Before you go out and purchase these cameras for your project, take note that there seems to be many issues with using the outdoor cam in travel mode. I have tried many times in both motion detection and time lapse. The battery always drains within a few hours and the recording is very inconsistent.

I need to ask for clarification,
I’ve been able to establish TRAVEL Mode with my iPhone and Wyze App and achieve results of time-lapse. The gotcha I’m having is it appears to only work will my iPhone is still connected as wifi and in the app session. If I leave the app session (Exit) the Camera falls back to wifi connection to my wyze base.

Specifically, do you need to maintain connectivity with the camera (camera Wifi and stay in the iPhone app for the settings to hold?
Or is this because I am still within the range of my WYZE base wifi that it screws up?
A flow chart as documentation would be greatly helpful.