Wyze outdoor camera travel mode

Can anyone shed some light on the Outdoor Camera’s ‘travel mode’? How to use it, how to set it up, what are some good examples for using travel mode, etc.

Read this:

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Thank you for this very informative information. Am I to understand that travel mode will connect the outdoor camera with the phone – and is this via wi-fi – so is there a range limitation, (or any other limitations), involved? AND, same with the base station – is the base station connected with the phone – and is this via wi-fi – so is there a range limitation, (or any other limitations), involved?

I am sure there are limitations of some kind. I have never used it. I sure that someone that has used it will come along and give you better information than I can.

I’ve used Travel Mode a few times- and it works fine… EXCEPT

When Wyze says you can ‘use the camera without an internet connection’, I think they are being a bit misleading- at least in the case of the Outdoor Cams with SD card installed (for local storage of some recordings).

Yes, you don’t need an internet connection BUT your phone is TIED UP and must REMAIN connected to the Wi-Fi connection generated by the camera, I want to use the camera for what should be ‘autonomous’ recordings (like time-lapse, scheduled recording, even continuous video) where the camera is NOT continuously near my phone.

IF you disconnect your phone from the camera generated Wi-Fi connection- ALL THESE PROCESSES WILL STOP! So even if you take the phone out of range of the camera it will just QUIT whatever it was supposed to be doing.

I don’t think this is very useful because I can’t use my phone for anything else (like music, etc.) and keep these actions going- even though the camera should be recording to the SD card.

This might not be a problem in some situations but it’s pretty limiting in mine.


True, this Wyze “Travel Mode” is just a gimmick and not a functional feature in the slightest.
In fact, for me, the furthest I could ever get with any of them is connecting to them in Travel Mode, but NEVER able to access the camera to view it.

Another useless Wyze product and service!

These Outdoor Cams are only good for basic video monitoring with NO recording features based on motion or continuous… unless you PAY!

Not correct, try this it works great :joy: Set if for motion only, 30 days, no cooldown and the duration of each video event up to 5 Min. each event.


A late reply indeed. This ought to be a sign with how much I really need wyze in my life.

Interestingly enough, a “wyze Support” website requires a login to view those instructions. Another wonderful feature brought to you by wyze.

Those cameras found a new home… in the trash where they belong. They always went offline, and connecting to them was worse than playing Russian Roulette. By the time the feed came up… the action was over.

wyze is a total disappointment. :-1:t3: