Record upon motion in travel mode

Looks like Archonic is correct. You can find it under “Scheduled Recording”. It’s a very unintuitive interface, but you set the scheduled recording start/end time and also switch it from “continuous” to “motion”. Retrieving the recordings is also different. You don’t go to “Events” or “Video”; you have to go to “Scheduled Recordings”.

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How do you make that work? Any time I connect my WCO to USB power, it turns off and starts charging.

I agree 100%. I have done the trail and error thing and It’s still a mystery based on my results.

Setting up travel mode as per the instructions is easy enough. Then I set up motion only under scheduled recordings, 5 minute cooldown and tested it. Well the camera simply recorded every 5 minutes regardless of whether or not there was motion. The battery was fully charged when I started, and then it was totally drained a few hours later. I can play half of the videos which were recorded in daylight and only one with IR. After that…all videos are not viewable.

So many issues with this mode and have been in the 18 months I’ve owned these cameras. They are great for normal network wifi use, but travel mode does not actually work. I’m waiting for the day I can use it like a proper trail cam, with no need for a wifi connection to my phone after initial set up. Keep the dream alive!

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I agree 100%. Use case is recording an outdoor area in a forest where there has been some vandalism. I don’t need to be notified in real time, I just want the outdoor camera to record to SD card when there is motion so if it happens again, I can review the SD card and get info from that. The motion doesn’t need to be “smart” either. Just basic motion detection > trigger camera for a set amount of time > record to sd card. That’s it.

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I’m wondering if the outdoor camera features are any better now (Jan 2023).
No response from a Wyze expert in this one? The official support article, even though recently rewritten, is still weak.

Everytime I go to use Travel mode, it seems buggy, cumbersome, and unreliable. I’m going to try the above recommendations from Archonic tomorrow, with outdoor cam in my car at work, and set to motion activated to see what happens.

After reading this thread, I’m still a bit unclear if it will record standalone without the host device nearby and connected, it if it can just operate standalone with an SD card inserted. I don’t plan to leave a phone or tablet with the camera.

Anyway, thanks to the community for the info that Wyze should be publishing themselves.


@dca I will be interested to hear what happens with your test. I did find that the camera recorded without my phone nearby, but it still did not function properly. It recorded every 5 min regardless of motion and completely drained the battery within hours. I could see the videos recorded in daylight, but not in the evening. I really really wish this function would work like it does on my home wifi but I have been disappointed for the last two years.

Sorry for the delay in responding, but yes - this worked for me. I got thru the pain of pairing the Wyze outdoor cam in Travel mode with my phone. The process required needing to disable mobile data on my phone for the camera wifi to connect to my phone.

Then, I went thru the cumbersome, non-intuitive menu setup, as others have described here. Then I just swiped away the app, and walked away with my phone, also restoring the regular data and wifi connections.

When I came back at the end of the day, I turned off the camera and checked SD card when I got home. It had several small video clips when a car drove by, a person walked by, or in some cases by snowflakes falling.

I’m attaching a screen shot, and I thought it had the settings I used, but not really. So, it’s still not perfect, but it does passably work if you have the patience and are able to set it up.


Thank you for following up on this!

I’m curious… did you try it only during the day or did you have it set up overnight as well? Also, was it set to motion detection or were you using continuous or some other schedule?

Thank you!

Only during daylight hours. Triggered for motion only.