Using as a Trail Cam

I guess I can’t use this as a Trail Cam since I cannot have it anywhere near the base station.
Am I correct?

Thanks guys and gals,

Would Travel Mode work for you?

Travel mode doesn’t have motion detection recordings yet!

Edit: this is on the #wishlist! Click the “vote” button to show support for this feature request.

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I bought this hoping to use it in a similar circumstance as a trail cam. After some experimentation I finally figured out how travel mode worked, and @Briepage is correct, detection & event recording is not available in travel mode.
To see what battery life is like in travel mode, I set it up yesterday evening to do a time lapse, and the battery didn’t last even 12 hours.
So, without detection & event recording, this is not workable as a trail cam. I’m very disappointed with that, because I planned on putting one in a few acres I own in Texas. My plan was to check on it once every few months to see what critters are running around over there.
I’m bummed.


I have seen the same problem with battery life + time lapse + travel mode.

Ironically the only reason I gave travel mode a shot is because battery life + time lapse + normal mode was bad.



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It would’ve been great to have just a power plug on this camera giving us the option of using an external battery and solar backup so it would be virtually self-sufficient until we come download recordings or photos. With the Wyze unique motion detector it would’ve even picked up motion across an entire pasture. Travel mode isn’t working well for me. I can’t keep the phone and camera in sync. The connection drops and then I have to reboot everything to relink them. I have gotten some nice short time-lapses. I am having success converting a regular indoor Wyze cam to an exterior cam. I put it in a separately sold cover, installed an exterior antenna and get equal or better range than the outdoor camera with a WiFi extender mounted inside a window at the house. I power it with a large battery charged daily with a solar panel, virtually self-sustaining. Naturally I use a 12V to 5V converter to the camera. If I leave a spare cell phone in the ammo box with it to connect to it as a hotspot (WiFi) (how I keep the electronics dry) I virtually have a live video trail camera.

My Homemade Wyze Outdoor/Trail Camera.

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and still does not more then 2 years later smh