False info?

Waze outdoor cam page says:

" Capture the world.

Offline video recording . Staying at a hotel or backpacking in the Rockies? Travel Mode records motion & time-lapse videos locally to a MicroSD card for when you’re without an internet connection or base station."

But there is no way to record to SD when motion is detected, am I wrong?


I’ve added a wishlist item for enabling motion detection while in travel mode. I, like you, thought the same thing based on what I read. Let me see if I can find that post and I’ll try to link it here.

Edited to add link:

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Motion is supposed to be added later.

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I’m definitely hoping so. Especially since the base station can’t connect to the internet via wifi and only via ethernet, that leaves me unable to take the base station when I travel. Most hotels don’t give you access to a router.

I also wish Wyze would re-work the description for how these things work. I’ve noticed most of my questions weren’t addressed by the FAQ and that’s how I ended up in these forums when I got my first Wyze product.

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Still waiting for this “feature”